Security Data Rooms

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Security Data Rooms are cloud solutions specifically designed for the secure storage and sharing of sensitive business information. They are used in M&A due diligence as well as in real estate asset lifecycle management and any other business where there is a need for specialized secure file sharing.

With so many significant data breaches being reported being reported and in the media, it’s not surprising that businesses are concerned whether their confidential business information is secured to guard against cyber attacks. Encrypting data-at-rest within a virtual dataroom is vital to prevent hackers from gaining access to documents. But it’s only one part of the puzzle. To ensure your data is safe you must adopt a more holistic approach to the security of your data room that includes policies, training, and technical capabilities.

The use of VDRs VDR can also help in complying with regulations in the industry, for example the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). PCI-DSS requires secure storage, strong control over access encrypted transmissions, as well as regular security tests. This certification shows your customers, partners and other users that data security is crucial to you.

Certain VDR systems can also restrict access to in-app contents by limiting IP addresses that qualify for VDR access. This can prevent non-authorized users from using screen capture tools to record content from documents and then share it with non-authorized users. VDRs with advanced access controls permit administrators to link an individual’s identity with the viewed images and printed files.

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